I will be thin.


sad that I made this when I was 15 and now I’m 18 and I weigh 30 pounds more than I did back then. I’m a fucking disgrace.

I don’t know what to do even if I lose this weight these stretch marks all up and down my legs won’t go away! I just can’t handle this

I just made myself throw up for the first time ever! it felt so good!

why does everyone hate me.

I’m so fucking fat. I can’t fit in to any of my clothes. I have never been more disgusted with myself in my life.

I fucking hate myself and my life. everyone likes my sister better and guys find me fucking disgusting. I mean I don’t blame them pimples everywhere 160 pounds who the fuck would find me attractive. I mean I’m repulsed by myself of course everyone else is gonna be 10 times more repulsed. I’m so fucking stupid. such a fucking idiot. I’m going to die alone. that’s pretty fucking clear. I am always alone. nobody likes me. it’s cause I’m ugly and stupid.